2016 Nissan Sentra Features Review

Charles Wiles introduces us to a cost-effective family vehicle with a decent fuel economy, the 2016 Nissan Sentra.

The 2015 Nissan Sentra underwent a mid-model facelift to become the new 2016 Sentra with slightly different front fascia, taillights and wheels. Being part of the front fascia, the headlights were also redesigned. Nissan chose to use the wing-swept design that they have already used on other vehicles and seems to be on its way to becoming Nissan's signature look. Other Nissan vehicles using the same design are the Altima, Maxima and the Murano. The front grille was redesigned to look more aggressive. The taillights are also a bit different. As a whole, the rear fascia along with the built-in integrated turn signals was also made to look more aggressive.

There are some new changes in the interior of the 2016 Sentra. The steering wheel is completely different from that of 2015.  Nissan has previously come up with a new, more comfortable and sportier steering wheel design for the Nissan Juke and they used that same design for the 2016 Sentra's steering wheel. The ergonomics of the new steering wheel design provides a higher level of comfort and style. The 2016 Sentra's center console was also given a bit of a makeover.  It now looks shinier and more polished probably due to a different material used. Elegant chrome accents have also been added to the gear shift knob. Heated seats are now available as an option for the Nissan Sentra. The steering wheel-mounted radio controls, handsfree Bluetooth and an integrated information system and touchscreen monitor are still present. 

Under the hood, you will find the very familiar Nissan's 1.8-Liter 4-Cylinder engine partnered with Nissan's patented Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which provides a seamless driving experience and gives you a fuel economy of 38 mpg highway.

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