2016 Jeep Wrangler Willy

Here we'll see a quick look at the 2016 Jeep Wrangler, courtesy of Charles Wiles. The 2016 model is no different than last year's model, but 2016 is the 75th Anniversary year, and to celebrate, they've redesigned this calling it the "Willy's Jeep." The Willy's Edition has many special features, but it is still a Wrangler, meaning it is tough and capable of doing real, tough off-roading.

This Wrangler comes with some unique hood latches - one of our favorite features. Under the hood, you'll see one of the things that makes Jeep great - that it's easy to modify! Your bolts for your fenders are easily accessible, plus you've got easy inside access to remove fender flares, if you so choose.

Inside this particular Wrangler, you'll notice this is not a base-model Jeep. This particular Jeep has many features and options including power windows and locks, air conditioning, hands-free Bluetooth, and steering wheel mounted radio controls all right inside your vehicle. This vehicle also has lots of convenience and comfort, luxury features that you'll find in other vehicles, but becaus this is a Wrangler, it has the tough off-road capabilities as well.

That concludes up our quick look. Don't forget, if you have more questions about the features of this vehicle, you can log onto donmarshallauto.com via their instant chat feature, and talk to one of our product specialists!

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